An Ode to a Suitcase

It probably seems silly to mourn an inanimate object, but here we are.  This suitcase not only served it's original purpose well by schlepping my things for visits to family in California, but also enjoyed a good trip to Pilchuck Glass School for my class with Jen Elek, and to Red Deer for my class with Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen.

After that, it spent years being my reliable transporter of show materials.  Until this summer, it has accompanied to every show (40+) I have ever done since I started doing this in 2008.  So many One of a Kind Shows, Toronto Outdoor Shows, Haliburton shows and so many others!

So rest easy Big Green, you can stop barfing plastic bits out of the hole in your back.  Your $5 thrift store replacement will perform gallantly in your stead.