End of September?

Ok, I have been here for a month already. How did that happen? So many studios, so little time. I finally have some ceramics pictures. It's not as easy to take process shots in here since I am always covered in clay. Here is the throwing studio! It stays surprisingly clean considering how many people use the space.

This is one of my bowls from the first assignment! It's in the bisque kiln now!

This is what happens when you take weaving and it consumes your life. All of a sudden you see everything as woven objects.

Speaking of weaving, I made myself a scarf this week!

All the threads from the weft are sewn in, the warp threads at the ends are twisted! I am very happy with how it turned out.

We set up another warp this week with stripes, which I really love. It made setting up the loom a lot easier too. This was the fifth warp I have setup, and it feels like it's getting a little bit easier... I love the plaid!

Experimenting with basket weave.

More experimenting with twill. I really like the colours in this section.

Finally some jewellery! This is my super shiny band ring from last week. Earlier tonight I was working on my mock up for our big ring assignment. Now that I have a 3D model I am quite excited to make it. Although I can't fathom how I am going to polish parts of it...