I'm finally getting a chance to get this post together!  Last year I got to work on so many fun commissions leading up to Christmas and I wanted to share them all in one post because I have never been so busy working on custom items.

A number of years ago I worked for a local glassblower named Paull Rodrigue and he has his own signature style. This work is beautiful (you should check it out on his website or visit his studio in Dundas!) but I was even more impressed with the custom work he did because it showed off just how skilled and talented he is with the material. This is something I have always strived towards in my own work and I was so happy to stretch my creative legs and work on all these fun custom projects.

It started with and Etsy order for some peachy worms.  It's sometimes fun to make an existing product in another colour.  For me, I have to alter my process slightly when I do this, especially with worms, because of the different ways that different colours of glass heat and flow.


Then a coworker wanted matching earrings and a necklace for his girlfriend? No problem!


Then a friend asked: can you make my mom's fat cats? Of course I can!


Look at how cute Abbey is getting acquainted with her tiny likeness in glass:


Then I had an amazing client, the kind we all dream about. Someone who appreciates your work and your style and gives you the kind of creative freedom we all hope to have (but often don't get) with custom work. Obviously, there were lots of conversations that transpired about colour preferences along with the style and function of the pieces but other than that I had complete freedom!

So I made another butterfly set in this juicy purple


I had so much fun making this elephant:


She needed some teacher's gifts so I made these cute apples.  I ended up having so much fun making them that I made a bunch more for the One of a Kind show as well where they were also a hit.


Same thing with the minions, I had this limited edition of 10 for the show and people loved them.


Lastly, she couldn't get all this other jewellery without treating herself as well!