neXus: Resident Artist Exhibition

Every year the Living Arts Centre has an exhibition to showcase the talent of the artists in the Resident Artist program. Our theme this year was collaboration, which at first seemed daunting, but for me turned into one of my favourite things I have ever done. My dear friend (and mixed media aficionado) Christina Tatarnic and I came together and created: The Kit™. Quite simply The Kit™ is a comment on the struggle and pitfalls of dating, as well as a collaborative effort to become more self aware.

Here is The Kit™ completely installed. Perfectly compartmentalized for our convenience.

A peak inside at one of my favourite parts: the LoveMonkey-Cam.

Another important element of The Kit™: the nurturing test.

webedit-the kit egg.jpg

Christina and I were thrilled at the positive reception we have received so far about The Kit™. It's been such a great experience working with her on this. Best collaboration partner EVER!

Now for the rest of the show. Here are my favourite pieces. Enjoy!

Memory, by textile artist Pat Hertzberg and Fausta Facciponte

Fantastic concrete bench by furniture resident Jean Willoughby, and textile artist Liz Aston

Beautiful necklace collaboration by glass artist Kyle Harrison, and jewellery artist Gillian Batcher. The crocheted silver leaves are so delicate and fantastic.


Simple, yet very elegant lights by Dylan McKinnon and Jordan Murphy.

Alex Anagnostou took a different approach than most. Rather than collaborate with another artist, she teamed up with a microbiologist.

Prairie View bench, by Lucy Roussel and Diane Froh

And finally the big team collaboration by glass artists Jeff MacIntosh, Paula Vandermey, Joseph di Lorenzo, and ceramicist Jolanta Jung. Just because Paula was so amused by the fact that I called her work in the RA show last year "epic" I will do it again. This piece is epic. It was so great to see four people with very different aesthetics come together to create such a beautiful and interesting piece.