Growth - Solo Exhibition

My show opened on Monday! The last two months of hard work has really paid off.  A view from the outside: 

This is the vinyl that the guy in the print shop was reluctant to print for me because it was going to be a nightmare.  Let's not tell him that it sort of was, but I am so happy I was patient with it. 

The statement in the picture reads: To me, growth has many meanings.  Firstly it is a direct reference to my subject matter.  The form and texture of various seeds and mushrooms are fascinating and I admire their resilience.  They pop up in unexpected places and I am amazed to see them thrive even in adverse conditions.  Secondly, it makes reference to the electroforming technique I have employed to make this work.  Electroforming is a technique that allows me to create forms by literally growing copper ions on a base of sculpted wax.  Thirdly, as a metaphor for my journey of personal growth; it references my increased self-knowledge as an artist and skilled craftsperson, my experiences in business development and my confidence in making cross-disciplinary connections. Finally, seeds are a launching point for growth in the lives of plants and similarly the exhibition itself represents a seed from which I hope to grow and develop professionally.

Lotus Pods:


With these pieces I am really glad that I chose to get more than just the one vinyl decal cut.  I think it would have been too much if they were all clustered together.  It was nice to be able to spread them out. 

Banksia Pods:

Milkweed Seed Earrings:

Even though this piece was probably the biggest pain to install (ask my friend Katrina, she hammered in and bent the 48 nails needed for it) it is probably my favourite.


Like the lotus pods I am really happy with my inclusion of the decals here, it was worth the effort of weeding all of the vinyl!

My favourite little guys:

I, of course, had to make cupcakes for my opening.  And because I am a stickler for detail I simply had to make cupcakes that matched my show.  Imagine my delight when I found the little gold wrappers! 

Now for a bit of behind the scenes on the show and the little details that needed to be complete leading up to it.  I struggled for a really long time about how I wanted to display the banksia pods, mostly because the longer I looked at them the less I saw them as jewellery and the more I saw them as objects.  I decided to display them museum style on a shelf instead which meant creating braces for them.  Rather than work with stainless which by that point I had no patience for, I made some brass stands and nickel plated them. 

This is the nightmare that was the vinyl.  Thank god I could do this at home in pyjamas while watching movies. 

Installing the vinyl wasn't quite as difficult as I had predicted.  Installing in general was not as worrisome as I anticipated either.  I know from installing and doing other shows that it would definitely take a bit of time.  I estimated that it would take a minimum of four hours and an absolute maximum of six.  By some miracle (or two miracles, Katrina and Aimee) we did it in just less than four. 


What a difference a space makes though, look at how different the pieces look just laid out on my bench! 


I was foolishly hoping that I could get some sleep following the show but no such luck as there are applications to get done!  Maybe I will sleep this weekend?