One Week Until Install

I install my show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in one week (therefore this is going to be a short post).  I am doing better than I thought I would be at this stage in the game.  I have only had one complete meltdown and that was over my printer refusing to work last night.  All things considered I think that is pretty good. 

I have had an incredibly productive week!  That is likely the reason that I am not falling apart at the seams with stress.  I gold plated a few pieces yesterday, and here is a little preview.... 

The milkweed seed earrings are multiplying at an incredible rate.  I will have 24 pairs for my show.  I am probably the most excited to see these guys installed, especially since I now know how I am going to install them. 

The lotus pods have given me more grief than I really want to express right now.  They are turning out well but there have been many roadblocks and several extra steps along the way that should not have been necessary.  At least now when I have to make more of them (because I have to make more of them) I have most of that troubleshooting out of the way and and I can just make them without a fuss. 

There has been a lot of progress on this piece in the last few days (it all depends on how much I love or hate the two things that are in the e-bath right now) These glass elements are for a piece that I desperately hope will be done for the show. Everything is a matter of priorities right now, or at least that's what I keep telling myself about the pile of dishes in my kitchen... 

Oh and on top of everything else that is going on, I still have other classes.  Thankfully this week was "break week" at school.  I was still at school every day but I didn't have any of those pesky classes getting in the way.   I posted lots of progress shots of these in my last update and here they are all finished! 

These are some of the colour tests I did for the above piece but it also references what I want to work on for the next project in enamelling.  I have been slightly obsessed with quilts lately (despite my inability to use a sewing machine) so since our next project is based on components that is what I am using as my inspiration! 


The next post will be a big one, with lots of pictures of my show... stay tuned!