Spring One of a Kind 2010

I didn't take as many pictures as I should have of the show and my neighbours... but here are the few I did take.

rising stars!

back of my booth


display in the front

One of my wonderful neighbour's Cristina and the Textile Platypus booth - so many bunnies!

I squealed with delight when I got there on Wednesday morning and saw that she had tiny bunnies. So cute, and wonderfully handmade.

Cristina with her new monkey from Amanda at Denture Thief Productions.

My other lovely neighbour Avril Loretti. She has some really great stuff, including tote bags with a sprinkle donuts on it. I love mine :)

My neighbour to the back Alexandra Veilleux and her beautiful hand woven scarves.

One of my neighbours across the aisle Dan of Guy Incognito makes amazing and fun spun metal cases. I have a blue nubby one and my apples will never be bruised again!


Dan and his wife Melissa (who makes beautiful porcelain tableware) were great company during the show. I was so lucky to be surrounded by such great people at the show, they all made it fun to come in day after day.