po⋅lar⋅i⋅ty [poh-lar-i-tee, puh-] -noun

1. physics
a. the property or characteristic that produces unequal physical effects at different points in a body or system, as a magnet or storage battery.
b. the positive or negative state in which a body reacts to a magnetic, electric, or other field.
2. the presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies.
3. Linguistics
a. (of words, phrases, or sentences) positive or negative character.
b. polar opposition.

Po-lar-i-ty, an art exhibition which explores ideas surrounding polarity and dichotomy, specifically with regard to traditional women’s roles, activities and rituals.

A group art exhibition of sculpture, glass, photography, multiples and installation by: Leanne Eisen. Emma Gerard. Alexandra Mainella. Kim Stanford. Curated by Stephanie Cormier and Tara Bursey

Please come check this one out.

Where: Launch Projects, 404 Adelaide St. West, Toronto
When: June 17 – 28
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 - 5


Thursday June 18th, 6-9