Lathes, Casting, Electroforming and Cemeteries

It has been a very busy September and things are moving right along in the studio.  Precision Fabrication is way more exciting than I could have imagined.  I finished my lathe samples last week and I am going to do my milling sample tomorrow (it's has fluorescent orange in it, it's very exciting).  The lathe definitely is not as scary as I originally thought, I even figured out some of the really precise calculations, with plenty of help from the instructor of course. 

Here are my samples! The Delrin (the type of plastic) was really nice to work with too.  We also got some wax that we can turn on the lathe and then we can cast that! 

We cast our waxes last week and I am really happy with how mine turned out.  There were some little bubbles trapped in the texture because the vacuum machine was out of order when we were investing.  But the bubbles sort of work with the texture that is already there so it's not the end of the world. 


I have been playing around a bit with some finishes/patinas and I think I have finally found one that I like.  This part of the casting project is getting close... but still much more to do before the pieces will actually be finished!

Electroforming worked! Apparently the problem was lack of paint stirring. I am kind of glad it was a simple solution but slightly frustrating nonetheless.  I still have to patina the copper and decide exactly what I want to do with this test, but I think it's a really great starting point. 

Also, even more exciting is electroforming over wax! You just steam the wax out after and you are left with an amazing copper shell!  There are so many possibilities for this! So exciting!

I had to go to Camp Hill Cemetery for an essay for my Art and Death class and there were some really lovely gravestones and monuments. 

This is the back of one that was particularly beautiful.

Aside from all all the studio fun I also took a stroll through the Public Gardens.  I decided it was time to do some Halifaxy things since I really didn't do much of it last year.  I even braved the crowds at the market last weekend and got a delicious basket of peaches!

Oh and also, this is my favourite fountain ever.