Nocturne 2011

Nocturne is an amazing art event all over Halifax, similar to Toronto's Nuit Blanche. Here is a quick look at some of the great things I saw on Saturday night.

Public Gardens!

Hilarity in chalk.

3D video projection. Overheard at this piece "Are they going to start talking in 3D?"

This piece was kind of eerie. There were LED lights and speakers that interacted with the heartbeat of whoever is sitting in the chair. Everyone was very quiet and the beating sound echoed in the space.

Nova Scotian Crystal! So nice to hang out in the glass studio. They are making a swan. I am about to be a little glass nerdy, but I was amazed that they didn't flash (reheat) this the entire time. Everything was so precise and amazing too. These guys must not like their eyes though, because no one was wearing glasses.

One of the engravers. I did not understand a single thing he said, but he was incredibly talented and I have so much respect for the skill engraving takes. I required a lot of chocolate when I took it at Sheridan to offset the frustration.

Finished piece ready for the polishing acid bath.

At the Canadian Museum of Immigration, I was blown away by a series of photographs by Rafael Goldchain. From a series called "I Am My Family", Goldchain dressed in period costumes and photographed himself as various members of his family. This one was my favourite. He also teaches at Sheridan!

Some ceramics at Port Campus.

This was my favourite part of the entire night. The Happy Wash!! They setup the gallery like a car wash, and played the Rolls Royce song on a continuous loop. I found a YouTube video of it so everyone can share in my joy.