New Year - New Adventures

I am still blown away by the fact that it is 2013 already. Even more blown away that in 100 short days I will have completed my degree at NSCAD.  It is so nice coming into 2013 having had a very relaxing break after an incredibly busy and stressful 2012.

Now that everyone has gotten their Christmas presents I can finally post the picture of the earrings that I laser cut at the end of the semester.  I did some black acrylic ones as well but I really love how the walnut ones turned out. 

I am so excited for all of the possibilities and great things to come this year.  This final semester at school is sure to be the best yet.  I am finally taking enamelling which I am already in love with.  This is the one class that I just couldn't wait to take.  I spent my afternoon today doing some fun samples (not the samples I need to do for my homework this week, but samples nonetheless!) 

In less than two months I have a show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery which I am not as panicked for as I thought I would be.  I will be posting lots of pictures as the work progresses in the following weeks. 

As far as school goes I am also in studio this term which I am also excited about but with mixed feelings.  It's strange to be in studio level being an interdisciplinary student rather than a jewellery degree student.  I get the distinct feeling that not all of the degree students feel that I deserve to be in there with them. That's okay though, I will have fun proving them wrong. 

It's unfortunate that interdisciplinary work isn't promoted and encouraged more, I really wish that it was.  That's one of the things I loved about Sheridan is that we were in such close quarters with the other studios.  In fact I have heard that the students this year are all participating in a big cross disciplinary collaboration project.  I am so jealous, I so wish that such a project existed while I was studying there.  I don't know if it's just because this type of thing has been on my mind a lot lately but the work of Pia W├╝stenberg just came to my attention.  She fuses several media together to create these fantastic stacking vessels. 

It is hard to say exactly what I am going to be doing when I leave NSCAD.  To be honest, I thought I would have a much better idea by now.  All I know is that I love working with metal, but I still like glass, I even sort of fell in love with textiles along the way.  I do keep coming back to glass as my preferred medium, I think mostly because it's the medium that my personality can relate to the most.  But I have always wanted to explore lots of materials and processes, to the point where I can get very easily overwhelmed.  Even back at Sheridan I didn't want to be pinned down as just a glass artist, and still now I don't want to be known as just a jeweller because there is so much to explore beyond that. I would so much rather be overwhelmed by possibilities than to purposely limit myself by exclusivity in material.  

What will my work look like in 5 years?  Who knows.  My work is constantly evolving and I love finding inspiration in something new.  I spent a good part of this evening obsessing over pictures of quilts. Will this new obsession manifest into something great one day? Perhaps.  All I know is that I love that I can explore anything that I want and that would have never happened without an interdisciplinary approach to my work.