Jewellery and Fabrication Fun

I don't really have a lot to say because this week has been exhausting. You know when you have those weeks where you tell yourself "if I can only make it until ___day" Well, I made it! My second midterm is out of the way and though I was convinced that I was doomed to fail I survived and actually think I did pretty well.

So this is what I have been doing. I made a brooch! We learned how to powder coat which was pretty exciting.

Here it is all done with the images behind it.

And! My prototype is done!! I am pretty happy with it, definitely some things to work out on my final 9 pieces, but a good starting point. Pam told us today that another aspect of this project was to consider how we would want it displayed, or packaged which is wonderful preparation for the world outside of school. This class just keeps getting better and better.

I also got to flamework again the other night. I miss the torch.

I made more centers! I really love the purple one.

And here is my lovely cube/box thing. It is not even remotely symmetrical. I sort of hate fabrication, but I said that about forging at first and then I made my spoon and it grew on me. Maybe that will happen again?

I still have a busy weekend ahead of me but then I get to go home for break week for some well deserved rest and Blossom City....