Nocturne 2012

Well it was a cold night, we needed warm coats, hats, mittens and scarves but that didn't stop us from exploring the city and checking out some great art at Nocturne 2012.

First stop: the bubbles! They were surrounding a house that was under construction and glowed so beautifully.

Across the street at Nova Scotia Power they encouraged visitors to write down "what lights up your life". Our contributions included mitten claws and alpaca hugs, but this one was my favourite.

Gorgeous work by NSCAD student Jack Candlish at the Seeds Gallery

This lady was setup in front of the Mary E. Black Gallery. We thought it was just a warping mill at first but it's a loom!

This photo really does not do this justice, but I loved this installation so much. There were tons of these little guys scattered all over a little hill. It was mildly unsettling to see all of their glowing LED eyes though.

We also got to go on one of the ships in the harbour. Apparently there was art on it, but we were more interested in just exploring.


Some more beautiful cut crystal at Nova Scotia Crystal. They gave us chocolate and let us drink apple cider out of their glasses!

There was a really fun exhibit at Gallery Page and Strange. It was set up as a club where the women were only allowed in one side and the men in the other side. You go with a sense that you are missing out on something but once you get in there were television screens hooked up to a camera feed of the other side.

My absolute favourite thing that I saw we accidentally stumbled upon on the way home: Interactive Tetris! A camera followed the movement of whoever was standing in front and the pieces would move or rotate based on their actions. AMAZING!