Haliburton Arts and Crafts Festival 2016

It's hard to believe that this year was my 7th year participating in this show.  On one hand, because it's crazy that I am been doing this for so long and on the other hand it means I'm getting old!  Maybe that explains why I accidentally set up my display backwards?


We got some much-needed rain (thankfully after I was finished setting up) which yielded this beautiful view from Head Lake Park.  I wouldn't have seen this beautiful view if I wasn't hunting pokemon.  I had told myself I wasn't going to download the game until after this show, but that definitely didn't last mostly because I couldn't remember the last time one of my friends has asked me if I wanted to go outside and play.


On Friday morning all the final details fall into place!  I even had time to go for a nice long swim in the lake to cool off before a long hot day.  I live for this lake on super hot days, and never hesitate to jump in when I'm getting a little too hot.  I'm probably known as "the girl in the bathing suit" but I'm okay with that.

Haliburton 2016 -03.jpg

It was another weekend of interesting questions about my glass gummies.

Officially for the record: they are made of glass.  No, you cannot eat them.


As I said, it was a scorcher of a weekend.  During periods where I wasn't able to sneak away from my booth to take a dip, this "cool towel" was a life saver!  They seem like one of those gimmicky impulse buys, but it worked wonders.

Haliburton 2016 -05.jpg

I always love how these colours just pop when they are out in the sunshine!

Haliburton 2016 -06.jpg

Turns out, not surprisingly, that when you actually remember to pack your jewellery busts, this part of your display looks way better!  Added bonus, when these colourful abstract pendants are displayed on these, fewer people assume they are turtles and try to turn them upside down.

Haliburton 2016 -07.jpg

I rationed my candy well over the weekend, be proud.

Haliburton 2016 -08.jpg

One of the highlights of the weekend was going to Highland Cinemas in Kinmount and seeing Ghostbusters!  Not only was the Ghostbuster reboot amazing (seriously, what is wrong with all the naysayers?) but this was the coolest little theatre I have ever been to.  There was tons of cool memorabilia including, appropriately enough, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man!

Haliburton 2016 -09.jpg

Check out some of the cool old projectors on display!

Haliburton 2016 -10.jpg
Haliburton 2016 -11.jpg

And just like that, another show was over.  Thankfully the weather cooled off just in time for tear down, nothing worse than the sun and heat beating down on you while you pack up.   Until next year Haliburton!

Haliburton 2016 -12.jpg