I should be studying

I hate exams. I have decided that they have no real world application. In what real life setting am I ever going to have to memorize information to regurgitate it back again? In all the years I was out of school I never once ran into any such situation.

I have locked myself in my apartment to study - despite some griping I have actually made a lot of progress. I hate to admit that the readings that were assigned are actually helpful, much more so than the original lectures in most cases. I feel like I should have saved myself a lot of time and early mornings and just did the readings instead of going to class.

Ok, I am done complaining about the futility of exams. I have had a very busy week, and I am in for another one this week. Last week I finished my production assignment for jewellery, despite my hatred towards powder coating. I still have a few little things to do as far as touch ups go. I am pretty happy with them, though it's one of those things that I have been looking at them for too long that I can't look at them critically anymore. They are beautiful because they are finished, finally! I think the gold plated one needs to be mine.

And then we get to etching. Thank god for Pam and her trouble shooting. The ink did not want to transfer onto the metal using the original method she had shown us in class. Finally after using the vulcanizer (used to make rubber molds for casting) we got the design on there.

Here is the silver all etched and perfect. I am so happy with it, I didn't even want to cut it up or do anything else to it. I have cut it and mitered it though, photos to follow when the piece is actually finished.

These are some of the samples I did to get the hang of mitering. I really like this technique now that I sort of understand what is possible.


And then it was Easter. I woke up yesterday to snow. Yes, snow. Apparently the East coast missed the memo about it being spring. Today it's more spring-like, which means it's grey and sort of drizzly which unfortunately is not much better. It's perfect studying weather though... which reminds me I should stop procrastinating and get back at it.