One of a Kind Xmas 2009

So I finally got around to uploading photos from One of a Kind. It was a wonderful show and I am happy that I was in the Rising star section and got meet so many lovely people. And I am so happy that I no longer have to spend all day telling everyone that yes, it is in fact all made out of glass

my booth - the front

my booth - the back

The elusive Krystal was not impressed with my early morning paparazzi attack. So here is her booth with her delightful ceramic pieces!

I am now the proud owner of the tall cup in the back, hooray for trades!

The lovely Cristina Larsen of Textile Platypus with hand felted, hand sewn little critters. I absolutely adore the bunny I got from her - his name is Kyle.

Benita of House of Hsueh and her sister Brenda posing with their bunnies!

Popcorn monsters by Banjo Puppets


Pocoplush! Super cute plush toys from Montreal

One of my new favourite people: Isabelle Veilleux of Zazai with her textile work. She makes really beautiful scarves and other amazing things. She definitely helped make the time go by faster too!

Isabelle's super cute little plush guys

Here we have Michael with his hilarious pretend buzzers. I now own one that says minions and it makes me really happy - photo to follow soon....