British Columbia & Road Trip!

So what an adventure in British Columbia. I arrived an hour before the big game started... Traffic was a mess, but thankfully I was safe and sound in New Westminster and not downtown in the riots. Everything there was beautiful, and despite people telling me I would never want to leave and would forget all about going to the East Coast. Quite the contrary though, if anything it made me even more eager to head out East. Anyway lots of amazing hero quests were had by all. Can't wait for my friends from the West Coast to come visit me on the other side!

Totally loved all of these sculptures.

English Bay at sunset!

Cool sculpture at English bay

I love this sculpture so much, it's a good thing I saw it when I did because apparently they have moved it to a different location....

A view from inside!

Fun on a tractor at Birchwood Dairy (where they had some of the best ice cream I have ever had)

Sonya couldn't reach the water at Cultus Lake.

Cultus Lake was really pretty, it was great too because Sonya and I were pretty much the only people around so it was really peaceful and great.

Harrison Hot Springs. The water was apparently 140 degrees.

New-Small & Sterling!

Found this on a bench on Granville Island. True story.

White Rock, BC! It was really pretty there, could have done with a little bit more sun though.

Some sand castle madness in White Rock.

Fun in Stanley Park!

My lovely glassy friend Amanda Parker and I on our adventure in Stanley Park. With our incredible senses of direction combined we inadvertently walked around the whole thing. Took us about two hours. Thankfully we were both wearing sensible shoes!


Sunrise (yes, I was up that early) in New Westminster!

On the ferry to Bowen Island!

Snug Cove! Bowen Island is one of my new favourite places ever. So beautiful, and the locals were so friendly!

 If there is a candy store... I will find it.....

Amazing look out point we found on Bowen Island. So beautiful and peaceful (once the guy with the pressure washer stopped) a great spot for inspiration and chatting!

Lake Killarney on Bowen Island.

Cute little squirrel in Kelowna.

Mountains begin the journey/road trip home. My friend Karen and I did the 4200 km drive in three days. Three long days.



Officially in the prairies!


Beautiful sky in the prairies. I actually really loved how beautiful it was there.

Rainbow halo - quite possibly one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Finally getting closer to our destination! If only we were able to fast forward through the last stretch of the QEW and avoided all the traffic!