It's October already and midterm is creeping up fast!  Precision Fabrication keeps getting better and even more exciting with possibilities every week.  I think my (fluorescent orange) milling sample worked pretty well.  There were a few complications when I was working on it and I had to change my plan a few times when I couldn't get the rotating chuck to turn, but it worked.  I do prefer the lathe though, milling is kind of limited. 

I really enjoyed working with the acrylic too.  It polished up nicely and was much easier and quicker to polish than glass!


Today we got a demo on the laser cutting machine.  Let's just say I'm in love.  We did some test cuts on some plywood and acrylic sheet.  Some inverted tests:

They also looked really great stacked on top of one another.  The edges are my favourite thing.  The burned edge on the plywood and the super shiny edge of the acrylic. 

Casting is getting even more exciting too.  I made this wax on Tuesday:

And cast it today!  I have to make a rubber mold of it and then make 5 more!

Oh and electroforming is amazing.  I finally put a patina on a few things, the jax black patina worked really nicely.  I want to make a few more of these for a necklace!

Still not sure what I am doing with this one, but it's more exciting now.