Glass Love

This blog has been so neglected, but at least this time it's for a good reason (i.e. not out of laziness).  So a few weeks ago there was this wonderful event in the Glass Studio at Sheridan College called the "Glass Gathering".  There were a series of shorts lectures, demonstrations all leading up to the glory that was the glass olympics.   I gave a short lecture on my time at NSCAD, and I gave a short demo in the flameworking studio as well.  

Having felt a lack of community for so long (I loved NSCAD, but it lacked the kind of amazing community that I found at Sheridan) it was so nice to be around old friendly faces and to meet some new ones as well.  Hopefully it will turn into a yearly event, because it was a blast.

Some glass olympics photos!  The green team:

glass gathering 01.jpg

The purple team:

The pink team:

glass gathering 03.jpg

and the blue team: 

What made the day even better?  Getting a job!  I'm now one of the studio monitors and artists in residence at Sheridan for this semester.   It's been over two weeks and my brain is still trying to fully comprehend what this means.  I have gone from renting the occasional torch time to having a torch at my constant disposal and also being able to blow glass again.  That really, was what made my brain go kablooey.  

My first blowslot went pretty well considering I hadn't blown glass with any kind of consistency for about four and a half years.  

Flameworking, I missed you most of all.

While still being completely overwhelming it has been amazing so far.  The students are great and were so welcoming to a new face, which has been a really refreshing change!